Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What the hell is Fluxus anyway?

For the best explanation of Fluxus I refer to social psychologist and Fluxus artist Allen Burkoff. His commentary on Fluxus is available as an MP3 at, http://fluxus.org/BukoffMaciunasFluxus5Dec08.mp3. The audio file was broadcast on December 5, 2008, by Aaron Anderson from a pirate radio station at the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the traveling Broadcast exhibition. 

An abbreviated synopsis from Burkoff. 

“Fluxes has been described as an art movement or something that happened in art.” Burkoff argues it’s much more than that, “It’s much bigger and more interesting than that. Fluxus was this gigantic release of creative energy or creative potential in human culture.” 

A wealth of information about Fluxus can be found at Allen's website, "FLUXUS PORTAL FOR THE INTERNET" (Some of the links on Burkoff's site are dead links, sorry.)I agree with Burkhoff that Fluxus is more than art is is a creative force and necessary part of life. 

Burkhoff's chart on Fluxus.  

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